Moster is Refrigeration parts manufacture, which specializes in manufacturing Refrigeration dryer filters.

CFD Series Copper Filter Driers are made of good quality copper pipes and copper thread backstops, and top-grade molecular sieves. It's adaptive to R12, R134a, R502,R600 and refrigerators using capillary tubes for throttling, freezers and middle and small scale all-closed refrigeration systems. It's used to absorb remaining moisture in the system and remaining impurities and foreign matters in the filter system, in order to avoid "ice jam" and "dunghill jam" in the systems.

We are widely appreciated by our various customers for providing them with an extensive range of quality Filter Drier For Refrigeration. This electronics part range has been developed by us using best quality raw material of Copper and Stainless Steel and in this range we have employed the best quality desiccants that have been made by our experts in full compliance to the industrial standards.

Product Feature

Not only a check valve, but also a filter.Mesh in the valve body.

Magnetic valve seat, tutorial diaphragm, nearly zero internal leak rate.

Compatible with all fluoro refrigerants and oils.

Working temperature range -40ºC~+130ºC.

Minimum current resistance, large flow rate.

Small volume and light weight can be installed in any position.

Product Description

1- Copper filter driers for refrigerators, freezers and compressor units.

2- Words can be printed on the body of driers.

3- Stop points available on both inlet and outlet or any one.

4- Suitable for R134a, R12, Universal type.

5- 5GR, 7GR, 10GR, 12GR, 15GR, 20GR, 25GR, 30GR, 40GR, 50GR.

6- Stop points available on both inlet and outlet or any one.

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